The Benefits Of Introducing Color In Children From An Early Age.

Coloring is a process of a child to be able to cultivate their creativity, to develop or hone their right brain to develop more advanced , so if when the child tries to draw an object, even though it was wrong, do not immediately correct the result, as an example of “child draw with the door triangles “let the imagination run, once completed, we asked the purpose of drawing that , and tried to give him knowledge about the object images properly. Therefore introduce color early in children is the first step to optimize their capabilities.
Here are some benefits of learning coloring may not all parents know:

1. Make your child practice to select a combination of color and helping children to learn balance and harmony of colors
2. Stimulation of creativity and imagination.
3. Learn to recognize objects so that children understand the details of the object to be colored before they start to color.
4. Practice making the target . Coloring require some targets one of which managed to paint the entire image area available. So the child learns to complete the task that it faces on target.
5. Train recognize the boundary line field.
6. The days beginning when the child started coloring process, they will not care about the presence of the boundary line in front of the image. It’s perfectly natural, let the children feel comfortable and excited in advance with coloring activities.
7. Train fine motor skills of children as a means to prepare for writing skills
8. Train the ability of coordination between eye and hand. Starting from how to properly grip a crayon, to choose the colors and sharpen the crayons.

That’s some of the benefits coloring introduced pd children at an early age.